Helicopter for Sale


Engine Time Rolce Royce (Detroit Diesel Allison) 250 C20B

NAV System 1 (Receiver NR 3320-(02)-(110), CDI NI 2020, RMI KI 226, NAV Antenna DMN 4-4-1 NAV System 2 (Receiver NR 3320-(02)-(110) HSI RD-44, NAV Converter NC 2041, MKR Antenna CI 193, Indicator KDI 572 DME System Transceiver KN 63, Com Control System (Pilot Audio Control AS 3100-12. Copilot Audio Control, AS 3100-12, PAX Audio Control AS 3100-12, Junction Box)

VHF AM COM System 1 (Transceiver AR2009/25, Antenna DM C63-1/A, Antenna DM C63-1/A, VR2011), VHF AM COM System 2 (Transceiver AR2010/25, with DM C63-1/A, VR2011) Radio Altimeter (Transceiver KRA 405, Indicator KNI 416, Antenna S67-2002, Antenna S67-2002), ATC Transponder System Mode S (Transceiver Becker BXP6401-1-01), Antenna DMNI 50-2-2, Encoding Altimeter United 5035), Compass System (Dir. Gyro C14A, Flux Valve M-2594484, comp. 656767), Attitude System (Artificial Horizon H 140, Artificial Horizon H321), Inverter System (Converter PC 12A, Inverter PC 125A), ELT (Transmitter C406-2HM, Antenna 406 ROD)

Additional Information

Helicopter had one owner, one operator for EMS since new. Always Maintained by one German maintenance organization since new, with airframe and engine manufacturers PPH contract (nose to tail) (non transferable) High remaining times on main components and TCI parts, Rotor Brake System, Dual Windshield Wipers, Dual Controls, Dual Control Covers Pedals/Stick, Interior night lights, Copilot reversible seat, Settling Protectors complete, Engine fire extinguishing system, Fuel microfilter system, Search and Landing Light 450W Fixed Landing Light, Scavenge oil filters, Continuous ignition system, Bleed air heating system, Cargo compartment heater, Long Boarding Steps LH and RH, Additional Side Strobe Lights, Fwd CG limitation extension, Roof Top increased OEI Performance Kit Emergency DC bus system, Transmission/Main Chip Warning.

Swiss Bucher System ARA-30, for single and dual stretcher transportation with 12VDC, 28VDC electrical system, integrated oxygen system, integrated suction system, medical wall, doctor seat, pax. seat.