AIRTRADE is an aircraft dealer for many types of aviations such as planes, jets, helicopter, cessna, piper, beechcraft and many more. The market for buying aircraft is dangerous, because a lot of money is exchanged within the business partners and you easily can be fooled and lose a lot of cash. You have to know a dealer that you can trust and that has a huge experience in his job.

AIRTRADE is in this business since over 20 years and therefore made itself a trustworthy business partner. Contacts throughout the world enable access to off-market quality aircrafts which you would never find with big companies.

AIRTRADE Flugzeughandel GmbH / AIRTRADE Aircraft Germany
Headquarters Flugplatz Zainach 55 1/3
D-84307 Eggenfelden
Contact via
Phone +49(0)8721-50 66 24
Fax +49(0)8721-50 66 38