If you have routes with longer distances we offer modern and high-quality jets, such as Citation, Propjet or A320


We offer every aircraft that is in good standing and therefore have a huge variety of different types of aircrafts. Most commonly we are selling Cessna, Beechcraft, Piper and offer leasing


Typical helicopters that we use to sell are from these types below. Our offers vary a lot so there is something for everyone, for exmaple Robinson, Eurocopter, Gazelle or Bell


With all the aircrafts we sell and resell there is a lot of equipment and utilities coming with it. These can be found in the AirShop. Typical utilities are Flight simulators, Aircraft "Magic" Tow, Different equipment parts and a lot more which can be found at "Airshop" in the navigation bar.

For more information on products or services feel free to contact us. All products sold on this website can also be ordered by phone or e-mail. Serious inquiries require personal contact by phone or face-to-face contact.

Reseller option - We sell your aircraft!

If you want to sell your aircraft, we can make contact between you as a seller and the customer as a buyer. It helps you to find a customer as fast as possible from our database and we assure that you will get a safe transfer between money and property. You can easily contact us through the form below and we will respond to your request within 24 hours or less!

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